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The Red Door is Open

Music, Art, and the Mystery in Between…

This program will explore the convergence of music, art, the observer, and the stories they create together. What happens when we open the door of intuition and imagination?


This will be a dynamic concert experience as Robert Hitz creates new music on the spot based on discussions and observations of great art and the artists behind them. 

improvisation performances.jpg
Robert responding to painting.jpeg

“The Red Door concept is a brilliant one that encourages audience engagement and allows patrons to discuss the arts. And I love the integration of art forms in one program: music improvisation paired with visual art with both expressing narrative. “


Kimberley Lynne, presenter

“The experience of having my paintings discussed by an auditorium of viewers was illuminating and gratifying. The audiences’ insights and clear articulation of their emotive associations was unexpected and spot on. Even more gratifying was Robert’s improvisational interpretation of those insights. His music brought tears to my eyes. With amazing ease Robert sat at his piano and instantaneously created a melody expressing the [emotions/ideas] noted by the audience. Robert’s ability to synthesize the audience’s responses to my paintings with spontaneous, beautiful music was remarkable — a true tour de force.”

Jessica Damen, painter

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