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Private Lessons

Teaching Philosophy and Methods

Robert uses a unique teaching philosophy. He applies his approach and methods to all styles of piano and voice instruction, as well as to teaching composition, improvisation and songwriting. Students of all ages and all levels benefit from his approach. Here’s what Robert says about his teaching:


Aliza and Robert in a snazzy A minor Imp

Find your passion.

I take an individual approach, crafting a plan that helps students achieve their personal goals.  Whether a student wishes to study standard Classical approach for piano, or wanting to sing and accompany one’s self on piano, or composing and songwriting, I strive to design a teaching plan that gets us all involved in a creative and exploratory fashion.


We’re going to have fun!

My teaching has evolved over the years and I am now focusing on improvisation and games as methods for musicianship skills and technique building in voice, piano, and composition.  This also provides dramatic improvement in learning new music by helping to understand the way music is put together — all in the spirit of fun!

Providing a Vital Human Industry.

Learning to be a better observer and exploring options in solving challenges engage students in a deeper evolution of their creative process. The part of us that is most human — and the part that is most humanly alive — are what make us better musicians.

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