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GRACE is an acronym for Gratitude, Reverence, Awe, Connection, and Enthusiasm

GRACE Notz is a personal exploration program that built from this acronym. Participants share stories of peak experiences in their lives. After listening and reflecting on the story, I as an improvisational pianist create an original piano piece of that story.


Gratitude, Reverence, Awe, Connection, and Enthusiasm

Using our acronym of GRACE, we open ourselves to a safe and nourishing exploration. Each participant reflects on these ideas as a means of tapping into deep emotions and higher purpose. From this space everyone is more open to telling his/her story.


Moments we measure time from

Many people have had experiences so profound that life was not the same again afterwards. These experiences live in us and shape the very course of our evolving lives. The power in telling these stories is enormous. Equally powerful is the personal reflection I create musically by improvising a piano portrait for each participant.


Offered in a variety of formats, this program can range from a 4-hour workshop to weekend or week long retreats.  GRACE Notz works best with no more than 12 participants. No musical experience is required for participants. I present these programs both as a solo facilitator or with a co-presenter.

GRACE Notz was a very powerful experience for me. Through sharing life stories
and having Robert play them back to us through his improvised music was a
profound spiritual experience. I felt so heard and supported by Robert’s way of
holding sacred space and expressing our stories through music.  
—Lisa Schad

A Personal Musical


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