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A Pianist's Guide to Improvisation

Self-expression is the natural and highest expression of being human. I’ve found improvisation to be an incredible method to access self-expression. This is why I offer workshops to explore my approach.


Most people think of Jazz then they hear the term Improvisation, but it can be applied to any type of music. Improvisation is also applicable for all musical instruments, voice, and of course, piano. I can tailor a workshop to a group of almost any size and experience (from professional musicians to hobbyists) and for people of all ages. Improvisation taps into our innate abilities and helps us develop musical and artistic habits.


Improvisation can help you to:

  • Develop better listening and observation skills

  • Exercise your curiosity and sense of play

  • Learn new ways to think, and new ways to explore technique on any instrument

  • Create games! Explore ways to play with sound, texture, and rhythm

  • Look at things from different perspectives

  • Experiment with structure and form, and explore your imagination


In-person and online workshops are available to schools, organizations, musical communities, and individuals


We have a vital human need to express ourselves. Join me!

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