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Retreats & Workshops

This program will explore the convergence of music, art, the observer and the stories they create together. A dynamic concert experience as Robert Hitz creates new music with the unique minds of the audience. What happens when we open the door of intuition and imagination? 

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A workshop tailored to a group of mostly any size and experience (from professional musicians to hobbyists) and for people of all ages. Improvising taps into our innate abilities and helps us develop musical and artistic habits. Self-expression is the natural and highest expression of being human. Improvisation is not exclusive to Jazz, it can be applied to any type of music. And can be an incredible method to tap into your self-expression.


Gratitude, Reverence, Awe, Connection and Enthusiasm
GRACE Notz is a personal exploration program that was built from this acronym. Each participant reflects on these ideas as a means of tapping into deep emotions and higher purpose. In a warm, safe, comforting space, you share stories of peak experiences from your life. After listening and reflecting on the story, Robert Hitz improvises an original piano piece of your story.

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